Resources for exploration and research

The resources here are signposts to archival collections and readings that document and offer insights into the Murphy–Vernon oeuvre. The materials they point to encompass photographs, videos, articles, press clippings, design objects (costumes and sets).

Archival collections


  • Anon. () Reviews Australia’s Bicentennial Arts Program 1988. The Australian Bicentennial Authority, Sydney.
  • Broadsheet, Melbourne: Why You Should Know the Name Graeme Murphy.
  • Burridge, Stephanie and Dyson, Julie (eds) () Shaping the Landscape: Celebrating Dance in Australia. Routledge. London, New York, New Delhi.
  • Byrne, John () ‘Janet Vernon: Passionate believer in her art.’ Dance Australia, Issue 29 April–May, pp40–43. Also cover photo.
  • Cahalan, Stephenie () ‘Still They Fly’. Forty South (Tasmania), No. 97, Winter, pp16–25. (article about MADE and The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • DeVos, Libby (1989) ‘Janet Vernon’. Sydney Dance News, No. 9, p1–2.
  • Evans, Bob () ‘A Leading Lady Sings: Janet Vernon dances to Graeme Murphy’s tune but when does the song begin and end?’ Vogue Australia, June, p109–110.
  • Fisher, Kathleen () ‘Shades of Murphy’. Artlook, Issue #2, July, pp12–14.
  • Houston, James () RAWMOVES, Craftsman House, Sydney. Beautiful art photo images of Australian dance companies including dancers from Sydney Dance Company.
  • McDonald, Jo () ‘Murphy: The Australian Ballet’s Tribute to an Australian Icon’. Dance Informa, Online magazine.
  • Potter, Michelle () ‘Dance Greats: Janet Vernon’. Dance Australia, No. 85, August/September, p26–35.
  • Potter, Michelle () Dame Maggie Scott: A Life in Dance (foreword by Graeme Murphy). Text Publishing, Melbourne.
  • Potter, Michelle () Kristian Fredrikson: Designer. Melbourne Books, Melbourne.
  • Potter, Michelle () Glimpses of Graeme: Reflections on the work of Graeme Murphy. Forty South Publishing, Hobart.
  • Stell, Peter () Sydney Dance Company – A study of a connecting thread with the Ballets Russes. Master Arts Thesis, The University of Melbourne.


Searches of the digital archives of major city newspapers and magazines — Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, London, New York — will reveal a plethora of critical reviews and articles from the early 1970s onwards. Some Australian dance critics from the era were Brian Hoad, Jill Sykes, Hilary Trotter, Mary Emery, Michelle Potter, Maria Prerauer, Haruko Morita, Valerie Lawson, William Shoubridge and Deborah Jones.

The Trove database of National Library of Australia is a useful departure point for searching for reviews of particular works. The following are a few samples:

  • Schuster, Edward () ‘Silence the Perfect Foil’. The Examiner (Launceston), 29 June. (press clipping about the Tasmanian Ballet Company and Pandora)
  • Hoad, Brian () ‘An All-Australian ‘Ballet’ – at last’. The Bulletin, April 18, pp54–55. (review of Poppy)
  • Kozinn, Allan () ‘Sydney Company: A fresh approach to ballet standards’. The News and Courier, Thursday June 4, p16. (review of Daphnis and Chloe)
  • Nugent, Ann () ‘Australian Ballet: Final program’. The Stage and Television Today, 25 August. (review of Gallery and Beyond Twelve)
  • Harris, John () ‘Vast is Simply Breathtaking’. The Sun (Brisbane), 28 March. (review of Vast)
  • Sykes, Jill () ‘An Exciting Jewel in the Crown’. Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 5 November. (review of King Roger)
  • Potter, Michelle () ‘Synergy Not Quite a Synthesis’. Dance Australia, February/March, pp55–56. (review of Synergy with Synergy)
  • Lawson, Valerie () ‘Members Night Out’. Weekend Review Arts (Financial Review), 12 May, p17. (review of Fornicon)
  • Van Ulzen, Karen () ‘Australian Ballet’. Dance Australia, February/March, pp58–59. (review of Swan Lake)
  • Neill, Rosemary () ‘Grand Passions’. The Weekend Australian, 21–22 May, R6. (article about Grand)
  • Machen, Mary () ‘Art World’s Big Guns Unite’. The Examiner (Launceston), Saturday 24 July, p8. (review of Forty Miles: River of dreams)
  • Christofis, Lee () ‘Tasdance: Affinity’. Dance Australia, 19 October. (review of The Time Together)

Graeme Murphy and Janet Vernon, New York, 2001